Intel Announces App Store for Atom Netbooks

With the lines separating smartphones from MIDs and MIDs from netbooks becoming increasingly blurry, it makes sense that someone thought to launch an app store for netbooks.

Speaking at IDF in San Fransisco yesterday afternoon, Intel CEO Paul Otellini explained that with users getting more and more comfortable purchasing applications from app stores and more of its customers already hosting app stores, Intel is working on a framework to support its clients and their desire to host more app stores.

Acer, Asus and Dell are said to support Intel's Atom developer program. "Acer is excited to see Intel’s effort in bringing new and innovative applications to netbooks and will use the Intel Atom Developer Program framework to open an application storefront," said Jim Wong, president, Acer IT Products Global Operations. 

Could an app store for Atom netbooks take off like it has for Apple's iPhone?

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  • randomizer
    I hope MSI tag along too.
  • Gnegroni
    Damnit Acer...I hope your newer netbooks actually WORK instead of spending time in the repair shop. Anyhow, good news for Intel and netbooks!
  • huron
    Interesting. I only wonder what sort of applications they might be offering. It seems like we're a little app store happy now, aren't we?