Game Controller Keychain for Smartphones Also a Key Finder

With mobile gaming on the rise, many designers have hopped onto the gamepad bandwagon, creating a number of tactile game controllers hoping to offer the ultimate mobile gaming experience. Crowd funding site Kickstarter has helped facilitate the creation of many of these, the latest example being the iMpulse Controller.

While most of the gamepad devices we have covered hope to reproduce the console controller feel, iMpulse is focused more on portability and convenience. The pocket-sized gamepad features a minimal design with a single sliding directional thumbpad and five gaming buttons. The bluetooth-powered device can be flipped around to function with the thumbpad on either the left or right side.

iMpulse Action!

Additionally, the iMpulse controller attaches to your keychain and also functions as a media remote for your mobile gadgets or as a key finder that beeps loudly when activated via smartphone application. Out of the box, iMpulse is designed to support hundreds of popular mobile games on both Android and iOS platforms, and its creators are also offering a developers kit to bring even more application support in the future.

To show your support, a pledge of at least $30 will get get you your very own iMpulse controller, while an additional $10 will get you a charging cable and T-shirt. Additionally, there is a slick metal finish available for a $55 contribution.


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  • DroKing
    Is it just me or is it too small for average adult?
  • nukemaster
    It sure is.
  • LukeCWM
    DroKingIs it just me or is it too small for average adult?

    Would you really want a full-size Xbox 360-type controller connected to your car keys? Putting it in a purse would be bad enough, but putting it in your pants pocket would be impossible!