Team Fortress 2 50% Off, Free to Play at Weekend

Steam has announced that to mark the launch of Team Fortress 2 for Mac, the company is selling the game half price this weekend. If you're not sure about the game for some reason (news flash: it's wicked), you can try it out and play for free all weekend long.

As a side note, Mac users also get free white earbuds for their favourite TF2 character/player.

Full post below:

Team Fortress 2 (TF2), the game PC Gamer magazine's editors have called the most fun game ever made, is now available for the Mac via Steam, a leading online platform for games with over 25 million accounts worldwide.

Like all the titles Valve has brought to the Mac platform, TF2 features Steam Play allowing gamers to make one purchase to play the game on both the PC and Mac. In addition, TF2 supports cross platform play -- so Mac gamers can play against/with PC gamers.

Those who purchase TF2 for the Mac will receive a free set of "earbuds" for their favorite player character. Purchase the game this weekend can save 50% off the regular. Or, try the game now via the Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend happening now on Steam.

In addition to all the TF2-Mac goodness, a new single player training mode has been rolled out for both PC and Mac.

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  • dunderklumpton
    New Loadout menu sucks, but I do plan to train my scope on some 'Ear Bud' wearing heads if you catch my drift? ;-)
  • The Lady Slayer
    White earbuds: the new bullseye
  • Other Comments
  • The Lady Slayer
    White earbuds: the new bullseye
  • surfer1337dude
    Im dowloading it and going to try it for free....mainly because when they did portal for free the one nvr went away (I can still play it, and everything.... hoping I get TF2 free too XD)
  • jerreece
    Never played it. Maybe I'll try it out for $10. LOL Should see if my wife likes it. She's been looking for something to do on her PC. ;)