Apple's New Mouse is Magic, Has Multitouch

Multitouch seems to be the new hotness in the computing industry. Be it multitouch screens or trackpads, it's all about multi-fingering your computers. Apple's had multitouch on its notebooks and iPhones for years now, and now the company is bringing multitouch to the mouse.

Apple today introduced the new wireless Magic Mouse, which does away with mechanical buttons, scroll wheels or scroll balls. Instead, the entire top of the Magic Mouse is a multitouch surface.

Magic Mouse features a seamless touch-sensitive enclosure that allows it to be a single or multi-button mouse with advanced gesture support. The single click is done with the index finger, and the right click is done with the middle finger (at the top corner of the mouse, depending on handedness). The mouse also supports gestures for scrolling, panning, and swipes for page navigation.

Lastly, the new mouse has very thick glide feet--much thicker and longer lasting than many, if not all other mice on the market.

Like most Apple input peripherals, it's Bluetooth only, but it does have a battery life of around four months and range of 10 meters. Magic Mouse comes standard with the new iMac and is available at the end of October for a suggested retail price of $69 (US).

For those wondering, yes, the mouse is indeed a 2 button mouse with a real right click. It just has the appearance of a button-less mouse.

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    I've ordered one of these to see what they're like. The multitouch on the laptops works so well that I miss it on my desktops. I just hope this mouse works out better than the Mighty Mouse which just didn't work. The scroll ball killed the Mighty Mouse.
    I'm guessing it won't have dedicated sensors for right and left clicks like the Mighty Mouse had so it won't be much good for gaming but I'll keep my trusty Microsoft mouse around for stuff like that. For general OS use, if it can work as well as their touchpads do then it could be a seriously great device.
  • jebbadiah
    yeah, battery life: 4 months, after that you'll have to pay 20 bucks to get a reloading-device i bet!
  • Spanky Deluxe
    jebbadiahyeah, battery life: 4 months, after that you'll have to pay 20 bucks to get a reloading-device i bet!

    I'm pretty sure it runs off AA batteries. That's what the Mighty Mouse used and looking at the underneath pic of the device it looks like it takes the same. The batteries lasted in the Mighty Mouse for a pretty long time though. Several months at least.