Voting Time! Choose This Quarter’s Best Configs

Disenfranchised with the voting process? Well, don’t be! In this quarter’s Best Configs refresh, you’re the one who decides the most attractive build for each of our nine unique configurations.

In the past, we’ve picked the parts for these systems ourselves. But who likes having decisions made for them? We certainly don't! During the course of the past month, readers have been submitting their own ideas for Best Configs through our Systems Forum. We’ve picked a handful of options from each list of submissions and now present them to you for a community vote.

We’ll leave the polls open for a week, after which time we’ll update the Best Configs section on Tom’s Hardware, crediting each winning forum member with his or her list of components for the world to see!

No matter which setup you pick, rest assured that taxes won’t go up and public debt won’t skyrocket as a result of stimulus you never see. To the contrary, your friends and family who visit the site will have an easily-accessible resource for picking the parts that go into their next PC—all thanks to your sage wisdom! Think of this as a bailout for enthusiasts who simply don’t have enough time to research every component out there.

Budget Intel-Based Gaming PC
Budget AMD-Based Gaming PC
High-End Intel Gaming PC
Intel-Based Office PC
High-end AMD Gaming PC
AMD-Based Office PC
MicroATX Gaming Build
Home Theater PC
High-End Workstation

And a bit of additional news: we’re listening to your feedback. Next time around, we’ll be more specific about the submission format, rebates, shipping, and combo deals at various pricing sources on the Web. Moreover, we’ll give more guidance on the purpose of various builds to make spec’ing out the Workstation config, for example, a little easier. Thanks for weighing in on the process—we appreciate the community response!

Best regards,

Chris Angelini
Managing Editor, Tom’s Hardware US

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  • AMW1011
    Wow... a budget gaming build in my mind is sub $800. A high end gaming rig is above $1000. I mean, a $1200 gaming rig IS NOT BUDGET, which I priced most of the Intel rigs around.
  • cangelini
    There's always this month's $400 System Builder Marathon setup to consider if you want to go true budget!!
  • processthis
    AMW1011Wow... a budget gaming build in my mind is sub $800. A high end gaming rig is above $1000. I mean, a $1200 gaming rig IS NOT BUDGET, which I priced most of the Intel rigs around.

    On top of that, none of these include the OS which always costs about $100. Even though no one adds it on, almost everyone buys it so it needs to be considered. Some people already have a mouse/keyboard and a monitor, but OS is bought again for every build. That means a lot of those rigs cost close to $1100. That's not a budget build.