D-Link Wi-Fi Smart Plug Gives You Control Over Socket

We've all done it; we've rushed out of the house without checking to see if the TV or some other appliance is still turned on. Was the curling iron unplugged? Should you turn on a few lamps if you plan to be out all night? That nagging feeling that something could go wrong can spoil a night on the town, a trip to the movies or a long vacation.

Luckily, D-Link has a remedy: the Wi-Fi Smart Plug (DSP-W215), which is available now for $49.99. This release is actually the first product in a new line of "Connected Home" devices.

"The launch of the Wi-Fi Smart Plug represents a key moment for D-Link as we look to expand our offering of connected home solutions designed for consumers looking for a convenient way to automate their home and control their devices from their smartphones and tablets," said Daniel Kelley, vice president of marketing, D-Link Systems, Inc. "The Wi-Fi Smart Plug offers that convenience at an affordable price so customers can automate any range of devices in their home."

Customers can connect this new device to the local network by pressing the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button located on the Wi-Fi Smart Plug and the WPS button on the router. Customers then simply download and use the free mydlink app for Apple's iOS and Google's Android tablets and smartphones to remotely control these "smart" plugs.

Using the app, customers can manually turn home or office devices on and off, or create on/off schedules. There's also a built-in thermal sensor that will automatically shut down the connected device if it becomes overheated. The Wi-Fi Smart Plug will monitor energy consumption and provide statistics via the mobile app as well.

Given these Wi-Fi Smart Plugs are stand-alone units, customers shouldn't be limited to the number of devices they can use on a single network. For those using range extenders, these plugs may need to be on the primary wireless network in order to access them remotely.

For more information about this new D-Link device, head here.

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  • brisa117
    This would be cooler if it was one centralized intelligent power system for you house. Imagine knowing exactly what was on and how much power it was drawing from EVERY plug in your house. People would become much more aware of their power usage. Plus the ability to remote activate/disable things would be super handy without having to worry about "did I plug it into the wifi outlet?" haha.

    Overall a cool product and much cheaper than I assumed! Competitor products are at least $20+ more!
  • BranFlake5
    Christmas tree... My phone will turn you off now!
  • ikaz
    I think it would be better if it was a power strip not just one outlet if was 4 or 5 with the ablity to turn off each outlet and cost say $100 with as brisa a build it meter that would be sweet.