EKWB Wets the Asus Rampage IV Black Edition

EKWB has announced a new water cooling kit for a motherboard; this time it's for the Asus Rampage IV Black Edition. It will be known as the EK-FB KIT ASUS R4BE.

The water cooling kit is built to cool all the critical components of the motherboard, which includes the VRM circuitry and the X79-Express chipset. Because these two are not located close enough together in a viable path, EKWB has opted to use two water blocks rather than one larger block.

As always, the water blocks feature the high-flow design, meaning that they can be used in conjunction with weaker pumps or in longer, more complex loops.

Included in the packaging are the two water blocks, a few thermal pads, and of course the mounting mechanism. The kits will also be available in six different versions, as detailed in the table below:

EK-FB KIT ASUS R4BE104,95€$143.60
EK-FB KIT ASUS R4BE - Acetal104,95€$143.60
EK-FB KIT ASUS R4BE - Nickel114,95€$157.30
EK-FB KIT ASUS R4BE - Acetal+Nickel114,95€$157.30
EK-FB KIT ASUS R4BE - Nickel (Original CSQ)114,95€$157.30
EK-FB KIT ASUS R4BE - Acetal+Nickel (Original CSQ)114,95€$157.30

The kits will be available starting early January 2014.

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    that title could use some fixing... i'll leave it at that
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  • vmem
    that title could use some fixing... i'll leave it at that
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    I'm just here for the pictures
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    if i had disposable income, i would totally do this for funsies. cherry pick all parts, water cooling up the ass. would be fun!