Fujitsu Ultrabook Has Shift Hinge to Enable 4 Orientations

Shopping around for a convertible laptop? Fujitsu could have what you're looking for: the Lifebook TH90/P. This notebook has a special "Shift Hinge" that allows the user to position the notebook's screen in four ways: Theater for watching movies, Presentation for sharing content, Tablet for pen input and classic Laptop. The device launches later this month for an unknown price.

"It has been designed to instantly adapt to the best mode for any use without being limited by its shape. With support for styluses that can detect 1,024 gradations of pressure sensitivity, users can jot down memos or make sketches with the feeling of writing on paper," reads the company's press release.

The company didn't provide a full list of specs, but reports that the notebook features a durable chassis with an "ultra-compressed, solid core" and machined aluminum construction. The notebook also has an IGZO panel with a 2560 x 1440 resolution that's protected by a high-strength Dragontrail display, which can handle bumps and scratches.

In addition to the screen, the new convertible laptop packs a fourth-generation Intel Core i5-4200U processor, a 500 GB hybrid drive, and a "long running" 12.5 hour battery. Unfortunately, that's it in regards to the hardware details. We expect to see more information arrive before the laptop ships later this month.

The company also updated two additional laptops late last month. The Lifebook AH42/M is now offered with an Intel Haswell processor, the Pentium 3558U, whereas the Esprimo FH52/M comes equipped with Microsoft Office Home and Business.

Fujitsu has also launched Personal Computer Norikae Cloud Service in Japan. This new service aims to make it easy to migrate a customer's data and settings from an old computer, such as one running Windows XP, to a new one by way of My Cloud Library. Customers signing up by the end of April 2014 will receive up to two months of My Cloud Library's 100 GB plan free of charge.

"Starting in mid-February, Fujitsu will be giving away a limited number of a free Touch New FMV migration-assistance DVDs," reads Fujitsu's announcement. "The first 100 thousand customers buying FMV or ARROWS Tab computers installed with Windows 8.1 or Windows 8(6) at stores will receive the Norikae Ouen DVD, which helps migrate data to a new computer. In addition to helping with data migration, the DVD also includes tips on using Windows 8.1, the photo-oriented My Cloud, and the updated Windows 2013."

Toshiba's convertible Lifebook TH90/P is scheduled to launch on February 21. Prices were not announced. The updated Lifebook AH42/M and Esprimo FH52/M are already available on the market.

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  • greghome
    quote "Toshiba's convertible Lifebook TH90/P is scheduled to launch on February 21"So, the Samsung Xperia Z2 is also expected at around the same time frame?
  • guvnaguy
    Pretty damn good specs, especially the battery life. I forgot Fujitsu even made laptops.Price will be the key here. What size screen is it?
  • c123456
    Pretty damn good specs, especially the battery life. I forgot Fujitsu even made laptops.Price will be the key here. What size screen is it?
    This isn't really spectacular to be honest. The reason this is coming out now is to be able to use the Ultrabook branding, since Intel requires them to use the current version of cpus. Should they have waited a few months they'd be stuck with their inventory.Price will probably be at or above $1600. This assumes a 12-13" display (reasonable because weight requirements). They'll be gouging you for their 1440p display, but they're not giving you a ssd. I can guarantee you that the battery life is rated at lowest brightness, no wireless capabilities and possibly even a downscaled resolution. All while idling till it goes out. That's just what manufactures do, and its an irrelevant measurement till you get a hands on review.That's really sad... the point of an ultrabook was never to be. They're meant to be small form factor, quick, mobile laptops that are capable of serving basic computing functions... possibly work applications too. Not UHD movie watching while you keep your laptop plugged in. At this price point, I'd either wait for the broadwell ultrabooks, or go with the Samsung 9 series, which seems like a good buy atm. Personally I have an Asus UX31A and love it.