HP Slate21 Pro Business All-in-One First Look

Last week at CES we got a chance to look at HP's new Android-powered business class All-in-One desktop, the Slate21 Pro. This is an entry level, commercial-grade, AIO designed for small business, education and retail kiosk environments and runs Android 4.3, powered by a Tegra 4 SoC. While this isn't the latest or most powerful processor for powering an Android desktop, it's more than sufficient for the uses that HP foresees for this machine, but it would have been nice to see this perhaps come with Nvidia's latest K1 SoC. The screen is a decent Full HD IPS panel with wide viewing angles, which will come in handy when viewing the Slate21 Pro when it's tilted back to a 70 degree angle, which allows for easier touch input.

In our video below we talk to Pavana Polineni-Gadde from HP about the Slate21 Pro, and she goes over its main features and shows off some of the pre-installed software. Since HP is aiming this at light office work users, schools, and other small businesses, they have wisely included a lot of software out of the box, including the Microsoft Office compatible Android productivity suite, Kingsoft Office. Citrix Receiver is also pre-installed, allowing the Slate21 to be used to access Windows apps remotely in organizations that have a Citrix environment set up.

The Slate21 Pro will be available from HP soon for $399, which is a fairly reasonable price for an Android powered AIO business desktop.

HP Slate21 Pro

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  • bjgates
    But the question is: Why would any business want an Android desktop AIO?
  • john768
    They can make a 21" FHD tablet with a fairly powerful processor and charge 399? Why can't they make one that is 10". I've been trying to find a 10" tablet that isn't overpriced (samsung) or riddled with issues (asus) or just a terrible tablet.
  • damianrobertjones
    "HP Slate21 Pro Business" - Sorry but did they put the word BUSINESS in the title of this machine? Baahhh haa haaa.Sorry HP but no.P.s. What's the laptop to the left of this crappy machine?