Microsoft Makes Fake Waterslide Viral Video

A "megawoosh" waterslide video has been making the rounds on the internet this week. While most have already come to the conclusion that it's a hoax, its gets even more interesting when we find that Microsoft appears to be behind the video.

The website for now forwards to a German page (translated) for what appears to promote the "planning" aspects of Microsoft Office Project 2007.

Regardless of what significance this really plays in Microsoft's latest marketing tactics, it's still a pretty entertaining video. Check it out below.


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  • Anonymous
    The video looks surprisingly real, I was expecting some cheesy CGI effect.
  • Anonymous
    id try it
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  • Anonymous
    id try it
  • eklipz330
    i saw this on AOTS and i thought this was AWESOME
  • rambo117
    haha, thats insane, questionable if its real though