MSI Launches AMD Turion X2 Gaming Notebook

MSI announces a 17-inch AMD powered gaming laptop.

MSI is pushing at both ends of the spectrum with its super slim notebooks, and now with its latest gaming laptop. Designed as model GX733, the notebook uses the AMD Turion X2 and is paired up with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670.

Remember the good old days when your mid-tower computer came with a turbo button? It’s back on the MSI GX733, and it’s called “Turbo Drive Engine Technology.” Hitting the button will overclock the CPU, though MSI did not reveal by how much. Also, the turbo functionality will only work when the notebook is connected to AC power.

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  • warezme
    if the 4670 doesnt take up much power i wonder how long the battery lasts?
  • ailgatrat
    I know this is kind of hypercritical...but I think you meant to say "designated" instead of "designed". No?

    You didn't mention which Turion processor was used. What exactly is an X2 Ultra? Is that a Mobile Phenom 2?