VOTW: Multi-toe Action with a Touchfloor Keyboard

Multitouch has taken over the smartphone world and with the arrival of Windows 7 and tablets like the HP Slate and the iPad, we're seeing the technology in bigger devices a lot more frequently. So what comes after multitouch? Multitoe, of course!

The video below shows a demonstration of multitoe interaction, the brainchild of Professor Patrick Baudisch and the Human-Computer Interaction Group at Hasso Plattner Institute. Integrating high-resolution multitouch technology and back-projected floors, the team created a large, touch surface that recognizes the soles of the users shoes and allows them to manipulate controls using just their feet.

Multi-toe interaction: bringing multi-touch to interactive floors

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  • mavanhel
    HAHA! "Rofessor" makes it sound like Scooby-Doo wrote this article :P

    But seriously, this is amazing and looks like it could be very entertaining.
  • 2zao
    just makes me think of the future of homes...

    walking around your house could be an interactive experience in the future!!
  • sliem
    @mavanhel Rrofessor. Lol you are right. Scooby doo.

    They need bigger buttons for toes as feet as not at all flexible compared to fingers.