Panram's DDR4 Memory Might Be Cheaper

We've already seen a lot of X99 motherboards and the three Haswell-E processors, but we haven't actually seen all that much DDR4 memory. Today there is a new contender: Panram. This company is launching its Ninja-V DDR4 memory modules, and while no pricing was specified, we do hope that it will be a little cheaper than competing kits.

The Ninja-V memory modules will only come in four versions – two frequencies and two capacities. The frequency options are 2133 MHz and 2400 MHz, with both available in 4 GB and 8 GB variants. Timings for the modules are CL15. Being DDR4, the operating voltage is also lower than DDR3, so they run at just 1.2 V.

Kit configurations will be available with either one or two modules of each capacity, making the kit capacities range from just 4 GB through 16 GB. For 32 GB of memory you'll have to buy two separate kits. Panram also indicated that kits will be available in white and black. Perhaps it's not so bad that kits only have up to two DIMMs; that way you'll be able to mix black and white heatsinks for fancy color effects.

Pricing is going to be open, which could mean anything. The conservative frequencies on these modules might point to a friendlier price tag than we've seen in other units. No word was given on availability, though we do expect the X99 motherboards, Haswell-E CPUs, and DDR4 memory to launch tomorrow.

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  • Is Panram an EU brand? I've never seen them before here in the US. Neat looking modules I guess but really if you even have the option of getting DDR4 at this point you'll probably buy the high quality stuff.
  • Turns out they're an asian OEM. Thanks google.
  • 50us for 4gb DEAL TO ME!