Seagate First With SATA 6Gb/sec. 2 TB Drive

Seagate today started shipments of the Barracuda XT, which boasts the fastest SATA connection yet.

The Barracuda XT is a 7200 RPM 3.5-inch hard drive featuring 2 TB of storage capacity and a SATA 6 Gb/sec. interface.

"Capacity and performance remain the defining attributes of hard drives for PC gamers, digital multimedia content developers and many other customers requiring high-end systems at home and in the office," said Dave Mosley, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing at Seagate. "Seagate is meeting these requirements with the first 7200 RPM desktop hard drive to combine 2 TB of storage capacity with the fastest Serial ATA interface to date."

Of course, before you go blazing off with a SATA 6 Gb/sec. drive, you're going to need a motherboard that supports it. Right now, such boards aren't yet commonplace, but right now options include Asus' P7P55D Premium and Gigabyte's P55 series GA-P55-Extreme motherboards.

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  • xaira
    until seagate starts releasing ssds, they can keep sata 6g to themselves, burst rates will improve, but thats about it
  • tester24
    I can say for a fact that going to a 6 gig drive is a major improvement overall past a 3 gig and you don't have the high cost low capacity of an SSD. I used to QA testing for a company that makes 6 gig HBAs. Sure SSD will be faster but for the cost of 1 SSD you could probably buy 2 or 3 6 gig drives and RAID them so you have way more storage and top speed. Drive speeds are not just in the burst rates but over double the performance you get between 3 gig drives.
  • Anonymous
    until they can release a drive that doesnt run hot i wouldnt go near them.