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Power Consumption And Heat

System Builder Marathon Q1 2014: System Value Compared

They might use the same processor and only slight variations of an identical GPU, but the $2400 PC has twice as many graphics cards as the $1600 machine. That’s quickly illustrated in the power consumption numbers, where the $2400 machine needs 802 W from the socket to output a little less than 700 W from its power supply.

Consuming only 40 W at idle and less than 300 W fully-loaded, the $750 machine is a true miser. Budget-conscious enthusiasts with just enough money for one of the bigger machines (but don’t really need the extra punch) might want to also consider the effect on their power bills.

The $2400 PC runs far hotter than its $1600 rival, even with the same CPU (and even though it has at least four times the cooling capacity). It is clocked higher though, and has enough voltage to keep it stable all the way up to its thermal threshold, where it'd throttle back.

Intel promises to fix Haswell’s heat issues eventually, though the fix might be limited only to new, higher-model cores.

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