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LAN, DVD And HD-Speed

Atom Benchmarked: 4W Of Performance


The ECS 945GCT-D board is fitted with a 100 Mb network chip from Atheros. If you want to run Linux as the operating system, you will need to locate the appropriate drivers — these are not all that easy to find on the Internet, though. Drivers for Windows XP and Vista are provided and run without any problems.

When data is transferred via a network, the low processor speed means that the CPU load of 15% to 19% makes a considerable impact.

DVD Output

We tested the DVD output with PowerDVD 8 from Cyberlink. The DVD player calculates intermediate images which makes the output smoother, but also puts greater load on the CPU.

The Atom 230 manages DVD output well, and has plenty of muscle. Both logical processors are under 44% load, and jumps and disruptions do not occur during output.

HD Output

The Atom board has a GMA950 graphics core, which does not support H.264 acceleration. Thus the CPU itself is responsible for decoding the HD video format. The Atom 230 is too weak for this and runs at 100%, full load.

A smooth HD output is not possible at all.

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