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Convenience Storage By Buffalo And Toshiba

Convenience Storage By Buffalo And Toshiba

The market for external storage products is divided into drives based on 3.5” hard drives, and others utilizing 2.5” or even 1.8” disks to store data. Obviously, all of them depend on available capacities in the hard drive segment, as Flash-based storage products are still limited to 32 GB, with 64 GB coming soon—clearly not enough for backup and archiving purpose. Of course, 3.5” external drives are hard to make truly portable, while 1.8” based drives increase cost per gigabyte for the sake of mobility. Hence we looked at two high-capacity 2.5” hard drives by Buffalo and Toshiba.

It appears to be difficult to find meaningful differences among obviously similar products. Both are similar in size, Toshiba is somewhat lighter, Buffalo offers higher capacity (500 GB vs. 320 GB). Both come bundled with backup software and they are available at similar prices. There are differences in performance (although these only matter for enthusiasts), in exterior quality, and in features. The latter is an issue we’ll discuss at the end of this comparison.

Power consumption has become increasingly important, as users are becoming aware of efficiency for different reasons, but mainly because of energy costs. In the case of portable 2.5” hard drives, all of these have to be able to run on USB 2.0 interfaces, limiting the power requirements to 500 mA at 5 volts. Theoretically, this limits the peak power consumption of portable drives to 2.5 watts. In practice, interfaces are capable of providing a bit more, so most portable 2.5” hard drives can run on only a single USB 2.0 connection. Some, however, like Buffalo’s Mini Station Turbo USB, may require more power still.

Let’s look at the features and performance of the two portable storage flagships by Buffalo and Toshiba.

Buffalo or Toshiba? 500 GB battle 320 GB.Buffalo or Toshiba? 500 GB battle 320 GB.

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    Anonymous , August 11, 2008 2:53 PM
    Actually, the Toshiba is available at $129. I know, I just bought one and I love it. And so does my Acer Aspire One.
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    Anonymous , August 11, 2008 3:10 PM
    I bought one of the 320GB Toshiba drives a few months ago for $130 from Office Depot (or Max? one of the two). It's served me well and works like a champ. And I have to say, the convenience of not needing a power cable far outweighs (in my mind) the higher read speed of drives that do need a power cable.
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    Anonymous , August 13, 2008 6:29 PM
    anyone knows the make of the drive inside the Buffalo's?
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    Anonymous , November 12, 2008 2:56 AM
    I formatted my Toshiba hard drive like a moron and lost this installation file. Does anyone know where I can get it back? Any help will be appreciated!
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    Anonymous , December 1, 2008 2:36 AM
    I believe the drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba site itself.

    Alternatively, if all else fails, you can also search Google for your installation file name, i'm sure it will be around.
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    Anonymous , March 14, 2012 12:23 AM
    I have a Toshibe 320 GB external hard drive and the cable went bad, I need to replace it. I see the image of the cable on your web site. Please let me know if I can purchase it from you and the price. Thank you. Nadia
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