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Preinstalled Software: Value-Added Bonus

Motorola's Xoom Family Edition Review: Not Just For The Kids

Several preinstalled applications justify the Xoom Family Edition's model name. These include:

  • Quickoffice HD ($19.99 for Quickoffice Pro HD)
  • Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD ($6.99)
  • SimCity Deluxe
  • MotoPrint ($3.99)
  • Moto Pack (not available in Android Market)
  • Zoodles (free)
  • Dictionary (free)
  • Twonky (trial)

Quickoffice HD

Cloud Storage SupportCloud Storage Support

Android market only sells Quickoffice Pro HD (v.4.6.294), which makes the inclusion of Quickoffice HD a little confusing. In iOS, the Pro version adds support for cloud storage (, Dropbox, Google Docs, and MobileMe). However, the vanilla HD version included with the Xoom Family Edition (v.4.6.76) includes that functionality as well. Presumably, this is just an OEM copy of Quickoffice Pro HD, because Motorola's name appears when you pull up version information.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

While the cinematic cut scenes are certainly impressive, the in-game graphics quality can't compete with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit on the TouchPad or Riptide, which we discussed alongside the original Xoom.

SimCity Deluxe

SimCity Deluxe is an Android port of the popular PC game. The interface is reorganized to better suit the tablet space, but graphics detail is pretty lackluster.



There are two entries for MotoPrint under Android Market. The free one is for Motorola smartphones, while the tablet version costs $3.99. This application is supposed to make it easy to print over a wireless connection. If you own a wireless printer, setup is simple and painless; we were able to print on an HP Photosmart Premium within minutes. Otherwise, you need to install MotoPrint Host to your PC to create a printer server.

Moto Pack


Moto Pack gives Motorola an avenue for drawing attention to specific Android apps. It does nothing more than that. Some of the apps are free, and others include special Motorola-exclusive offers. From what we've seen thus far, though, all of the offered prices match what you'd pay on Android Market.


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