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Benchmark Results: F1 2010

Single-Slot Graphics: Whose Card Is Fastest?

Racing games tend to be a little less challenging than first-person shooters at any given image quality setting, likely because there are so few independently-moving components of the scene. The Afox Radeon HD 6850 starts off with another big lead at 1280x720.

ECS' GeForce GT 440 drops out of the running at 1680x1050, its 19.91 FPS average below our 20 FPS minimum required for playability.

MSI's GeForce GTS 450 survives to 1920x1080, with a 24.66 FPS minimum (using 4x AA) corresponding to its 27.2 FPS charted average. Of course, the Radeon HD 6850 still wins.

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