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Antec Three Hundred

Part 1: Four Gaming Enclosures Under $50

While many of its competitors have gone with cheaper materials to address the $50 gaming case market, Antec chose instead to scale back the “bling” in its Three Hundred. Buyers get dual exhaust fans in a case that’s around 33% thicker than most competitors, but give up LED lighting and several tool-free features.

Thicker panels increase durability and simultaneous cut back on noise--two things appreciated by those who constantly use and service their own systems. Yet, good ventilation is often at odds with low noise, and today’s test includes a noise evaluation.

Some of the Three Hundred’s added ventilation comes from a three-speed 120 mm rear fan. Replaceable expansion slot covers beneath the fan are standard on quality cases, yet rare amongst Antec’s low-cost competitors.

A three-speed top fan adds even more ventilation for the CPU area. Our previous evaluations have shown this fan to be far less important than the rear fan when using cross-flow CPU coolers, and using its slowest setting reduces noise dramatically.

Front-panel ports along the top edge are easily reached for systems that sit either under or atop a desk. Though this is probably the best compromise Antec could make to capture both markets, it does cause headset cables to dangle in front of optical drives.

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