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Power Usage And Temperature Benchmarks

Asus ARES: Is This The One Graphics Card To Rule Them All?

The power benchmark is where we can see the GeForce GTX 480 SLI solution at a disadvantage. It pulls about 220 more watts under load than the ARES. Aside from minimal electricity costs, a GeForce GTX 480 system will require a much beefier power supply than Radeon HD 5870 cards in CrossFire, a Radeon HD 5970, or even the Asus ARES card. The high-end Radeon options seem to use similar power under load, but the ARES and Radeon HD 5970 use less than the cards in CrossFire at idle. 

We measured the temperature of the hottest of the two GPUs on the ARES card and found that it has a high idle temperature. Under load, the ARES cooler keeps things just below the temperature of a reference Radeon HD 5870 card, while the GeForce GTX 480 temperature is quite high.

Here we can see that the ARES can be quite loud, notably louder than a single GeForce GTX 480 reference card under load.

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