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Results: Adobe Creative Suite

AVADirect’s Mini Cube Gaming PC: Good Looks, Price, And Performance

AVADirect’s machine takes a win in After Effects, which favors plenty of memory per core. However, its Core i7-4770K doesn't do as well in our CPU-oriented Photoshop benchmark full of threaded filters. Fortunately for that system, our GPU-based Photoshop test, built using OpenCL-accelerated filters, loves its GeForce GTX 780.

Rendering in Premiere Pro is another well-parallelized task, so naturally the six-core CPUs in our System Builder Marathon box and Lenovo's machine perform best.

Printing a PowerPoint presentation into PDF format, on the other hand, only uses one core. The most efficient architecture is at an advantage, and because AVADirect enables the highest clock rate, its machine takes the top spot.

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