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Software Installation And Getting Started

Cloud Backup: Hitachi’s Life Studio Mobile Plus, Tested
By , Achim Roos

Software Installation

Software installation is quick and trouble-free, as well. It's a bit strange, though, that just after the installation is complete the setup runs a mandatory update check, immediately installing a newer version. Why not run this before installing the first version?

Maybe this sounds like nitpicking, but there's an annoying aspect to the update process, too. Despite having just installed the application, LifeStudio needs to be completely (automatically) uninstalled before the new version can be installed. This is time-consuming and should have been more efficiently implemented, especially since this is supposed to be a smart, nimble, and mobile solution. We would have gladly accepted an update patch, but now there's this lengthy procedure to endure on all computers that use the product.


There aren't many options to choose from.

The simple nature of Hitachi's software results in some reductions in functionality. Just allowing the user to select which directories to back up would have made things easier. Without any kind of file filter, this superficial approach quickly leads to meaningless and wasteful data transfers. For example, the entire Windows user directory is selected for online backup by default, meaning that your browser cache and temporary data is backed up and synchronized. We'll discuss this in more detail later in the article.

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