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Background Backup And Using The Cloud

Cloud Backup: Hitachi’s Life Studio Mobile Plus, Tested
By , Achim Roos

Hard drive backup

The backup runs in the background with hardly any decrease in performance. We can recommend the app even for less powerful systems.

Your First Account

In order to use the online Web storage, you'll need a Hitachi user account. This was no problem to set up, and Hitachi doesn't request an excessive amount of information. You can use up to 3 GB of storage for free. Having more will require some plastic.

Hitachi's Web interface leaves many questions unanswered. There is no direct access to the folder hierarchy and/or listing of files. Instead, you'll have to live with a list of the most recently uploaded files. Files are classified according to their media types, and the ones that don't fit Hitachi's short list of default formats can be found only by their file names. But who actually remembers file names after a year? If you don't remember the file name, this minimalistic solution won't let you access your data through the Web, turning your cloud-based archive into an online data graveyard.


From a user's perspective, software has to be quick and intuitive. Hitachi's drawback is its lack of filtering, requiring you to back up a lot of useless data, such as your browser cache. This absolutely has to be fixed, along with the half-baked Web interface.

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