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Benchmark Results: Productivity

Intel Core i7-875K And Core i5-655K Battle Beyond 4 GHz

Our Photoshop CS4 benchmark is threaded, so Intel’s Core i7-875K does well here, as does the Phenom II X6 1090T. The Core i5 and Phenom II X4 are on fairly even footing.

Apparently, 3ds Max isn’t able to exploit Hyper-Threading to the same degree as some of our other tests. AMD’s four-core and six-core CPUs are clearly faster than Intel’s unlocked two-core and four-core models in a head-to-head comparison.

Although the Core i5 and Phenom II X4 nearly tie, Intel’s Core i7-875K takes an undisputed win in WinRAR, a compression app we know to be fairly well-threaded.

Not only is 7-Zip threaded, but it’s also optimized to take advantage of Intel’s hardware-based AES acceleration. That doesn’t stop the Core i5 from coming in last place here, though. Fortunately for Intel, its Core i7-875K running at 4.13 GHz is quick enough to secure a first-place finish, but the Phenom II X6 and X4 aren’t far behind.

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