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The Raid On The New York Times

The Fifteen Greatest Hacking Exploits

All sectors have fallen victim to hacker attacks, including the press. The most notable example is the New York Times, which in 2002 was targeted by the famous hacker Adrian Lamo.

Intrusion into the Heart of a Newspaper

The story of Adrian Lamo's attack on the New York Times site begins in February 2002, when he succeeded in gaining entry to the newspaper's internal network, and soon started modifying critical files. He modified confidential databases, in one of them, which listed the experts in contact with the newspaper, he added his own name. Another gave him access to all newspaper subjects, including those that had never been published.

These modifications were quickly discovered, and the newspaper of course filed a complaint. Adrian Lamo was arrested in August 2003 after an investigation that lasted over 15 months. He was sentenced to two years' probation, and $65,000 in damages were awarded to the Times.

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