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Blue Box, Phreaking For The Masses

The Fifteen Greatest Hacking Exploits

Before his arrest, John Draper had a lot of the time to tell his friends about his discovery, and one of them was a personality who is well known in the computer world today, Steve Wozniak. The co-founder of Apple, along with his good friend at the time, Steve Jobs, perfected John Draper's technique and created the Blue Box, a device capable of producing tones at the frequencies needed to fool the telephone system.

Boxes to Call for Free... in the 70s!

The two Steves successfully used their Blue Box to make all sorts of calls, and decided to start selling them. The box's ease of use and small price tag quickly made it a popular object among a group of phreaking enthusiasts.

Jobs" and Wozniak's Blue Box

The Blue Boxes were more sophisticated than the simple whistles used by John Draper. They were capable of mimicking all of the tone frequencies used by operators. The most famous story involving the Blue Box tells how Wozniak used it to telephone the Vatican posing as Henry Kissinger. Allegedly, he wanted to speak to the Pope to confess.

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