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Benchmark Results: DirectX 11 Games

Tom's Graphics Card Guide: 32 Mid-Range Cards Benchmarked

DirectX 11: Metro 2033

DirectX 11: Aliens vs. Predator

With tessellation turned on in Metro 2033, the GeForce cards naturally excel. In the Gamer category, all of the cards we tested manage to achieve playable frame rates, while most of the boards fail to give us the numbers we'd want to see in the Enthusiast-oriented test. Only the Radeon HD 6950 and the Gigabyte Windforce GTX 560 Ti come close to the 30 FPS mark.

In AvP, the mid-range cards are sufficient even for higher quality settings and resolutions. The more entry-level cards don't impress, but it is interesting to see how much speed you can get from a solid mainstream board.

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