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Test Settings

GeForce GTX 285 Gets 2 GB: Gigabyte's GV-N285OC-2GI
Test System Configuration
Intel Core i7-950 (3.07 GHz, 8 MB Cache)
Overclocked to 3.83 GHz (23 x 166.6 MHz)
MSI X58 Pro BIOS 7.3 (04-17-2009)
Intel X58/ICH10R Chipset, LGA 1366
Mushkin 6.0 GB DDR3-1333 CAS 9
at DDR3-1333 CAS 8-8-8-19 (1T)
GeForce GTX 285 2 GB
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 285 2 GB
660/1505 MHz GPU/Shader, GDDR3-2400
GeForce GTX 285 1 GB
XFX GeForce GTX 285 1 GB
Clocked to Gigabyte 2.0 GB Specs (above)
GeForce GTX 295 1.8 GB
XFX GeForce GTX 295 1.79 GB
576/1242MHz GPU/Shader, GDDR3-2016
Hard Drive
Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB
7,200 RPM, 32 MB Cache SATA 3.0 Gb/s
Integrated HD Audio
Integrated Gigabit Networking
Windows Vista Home Premium x64 SP1
NVidia Forceware 186.18
Intel INF

Digital Storm’s Gaming Dominator was still on our bench from its review (which you'll see later this week), its 3.8 GHz overclocked processor already set to the target frequency we wanted to use for today’s graphics comparison. Using it allowed us to reuse some of its test data while providing more information on its graphics capabilities.

Benchmark Configuration
Patch 1.2.1, DirectX 10, 64-bit executable, benchmark tool
Test Set 1: High Quality, No AA
Test Set 2: Very High Quality, No AA
Test Set 3: Very High Quality, 8x AA
Far Cry 2
Far Cry 2 Benchmark Tool
Test Set 1: High Quality (DX 10), No AA
Test Set 2: Ultra High Quality (DX 10), No AA
Test Set 3: Ultra High Quality (DX 10), 8x AA
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X
Game Version 1.00, in-game performance test
Test Set 1: Highest Details, DX10, SSAO, No AA
Test Set 2: Highest Details, DX10, SSAO, 4x AA
Test Set 3: Highest Details, DX10, SSAO, 8x AA
Left 4 Dead
Game Version, custom timedemo
Test Set 1: Highest settings, No AA, No AF
Test Set 2: Highest settings, 4x MSAA, 8x AF
Test Set 3: Highest settings, 8x MSAA, 16x AF
Clear Sky
Clear Sky Benchmark File Version
Test Set 1: High preset, DX10, No AA
Test Set 2: Ultra preset, DX10, No AA
Test Set 3: Ultra preset, DX10, 4x MSAA
World in Conflict
Patch 1009, DirectX 10, in-game performance test
Test 1: High Details, No AA / No AF
Test 2: Very High Details No AA / No AF
Test 3: Very High Details 4x AA / 16x AF
3D mark Vantage
Build 1.01 (3DMark, GPU, CPU Scores)
Performance, High, Extreme Presets
Disable PPU in Options table
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