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Corsair Hydro H80

Antec Kühler Vs. Corsair Hydro: Sealed Liquid CPU Coolers Compared

January 2011 was a busy time for cooling companies. Corsair announced its switch to supplier CoolIT Systems at the same time as CoolIT released its improved cold plate design. Were that not enough to make our heads spin, Antec took Corsair’s place with Asetek. Phew!

The Hydro H80’s 1.5” radiator fits between its competitor’s single-thick and double-thick designs. And, it has a pair of fans similar to those of the competing double-thick solution. Selling for a Web price of $75, it also fits between the two competing models in price.

The H80’s Intel support plate uses slotted holes to fit a full range of LGA 775 to LGA 1366 coolers (with 1156 and 1155 in the middle). The first set of studs in the photo below holds the plate loosely in place behind the CPU socket.

A second set of studs holds the pump/water block atop LGA 2011-based CPUs, using the motherboard’s integrated support plate.

The H80 pump body ships with a matching set of Intel brackets installed. Included AMD brackets use wire hooks to engage AMD’s cooler clips. The pump body also includes a flow speed selector button and two four-pin PWM fan headers.

Thumb screws tighten the pump assembly’s cold plate against the CPU, pulling the socket support plate firmly against the back of the motherboard in this LGA 1155 installation. A small amount of space between the wider part of the stud and the motherboard prevents contact with any nearby circuit traces, which explains why the support plate was held so loosely in place.

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