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Antec Kühler Vs. Corsair Hydro: Sealed Liquid CPU Coolers Compared

Antec Kühler H₂O 620

In a partnership announced way back in January, Antec delivers the latest versions of Asetek’s LCLC cooling technologies in a retail package. The H₂O 620 represents its most-basic single-fan 1.1”-thick radiator version, intended for the rear panel of most performance-oriented ATX cases. Hoses are kept short to facilitate this installation cleanly.

AMD and Intel mounting kits are both included, though the version we received did not yet include the new LGA 2011 mounting screws previously seen in our PNY liquid-cooled GeForce GTX 580-based build.

Different holes in the socket support plate fit LGA 775, 1156/1155, and 1366 mounting holes. Plastic inserts in the top plate achieve the same purpose, while AMD gets its own support plates.

Factory-applied thermal compound covers the center of a finely machined copper cold plate beneath the H₂O 620’s pump. Tabs surrounding the pump body allow it to be installed in nearly any orientation.

A thin profile provides optimal installation space around the Kühler H₂O 620, even allowing access to our motherboard’s eight-pin EPS12V power connector. A lead on the pump facilitates automatic fan speed control, but this low-cost unit does not allow users to set a target temperature. Overclockers can achieve their best results by instead connecting the fan to a motherboard fan header.