The Iceman Cometh: P4 at 4.1 GHz

Video-Encoding MPEG-4: Virtual Dub Und Divx 5.02 Pro

CPU performance is extremely important for MPEG-4 encoding. The P4/ 4000 completes the encoding - using the DVD original - in 222 seconds. A 1.8 GHz P4 takes twice as long.

Video-Encoding MPEG-2: Pinnacle Studio 8.1.1

The P4/ 4000 creates an MPEG-2 film with Pinnacle Studio 8 in 184.4 seconds - 25 seconds faster than the 3.6 GHz P4. The higher, 175 MHz FSB speed (quad pumped 700 MHz) helps greatly, as does the memory speed (also 175 MHz). Add to this the operating frequency of the P4.

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