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The WinFast PxVC1100

The WinFast PxVC1100 Video Transcoding Card: Worth The Price?

The WinFast PxVC1100 has a long name, but it's a short card. Less than seven inches long, it sports a low-enough profile to be fitted with a half-height bracket for folks with small PC cases. Note the small PCI Express (PCIe) x1 interface, suggesting that this card doesn't need a lot of bandwidth to perform its duties.

With its diminutive cooler and four-pin auxiliary power connector, the WinFast PxVC1100 could easily be mistaken for an entry-level graphics card, right up until you take notice of its I/O-less expansion bracket.

There are three versions of the WinFast PxVC1100 listed on Leadtek's Web site. The first includes no software bundle, except an Adobe Premiere plug-in (although we couldn't find this version for sale). The second sports a large bundle, including Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus, DVD MovieFactory 5, and WinDVD 8, which we found on Newegg for $185. The third includes Pegasys' TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress software, available on Newegg for $290.

The sample we received for testing was option number three, including TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress. Aside from the driver/software CD, the card came with an installation manual, a half-height bracket, and a Molex-style power adapter.

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