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Overclocking And Under-Latency Results

Six Low-Voltage Dual-Channel 8 GB Memory Kits, Overclocked

Though memory typically responds to added voltage by facilitating higher data rates, G.Skill’s 1.25 V Sniper SR2 topped out at 1.35 V. Unlike other modules in today’s test, 1.50 V offered G.Skill no further overclocking headroom.

Super Talent’s W160UA4GML tops the overclocking charts, though these specific modules are custom-order parts. Geil follows up with a true production product that only Europeans and Asians can purchase locally. Here in the States, look to U.S.-based firms to find memory without the distribution woes. Of these, Kingston allowed us to pick the DDR3-2133 multiplier.

The big surprise in overclocking was that Crucial’s factory-direct modules didn’t reach the same DDR3-2133 CAS 9 overclock of their retail counterparts. These kits carry the same part number, but were likely produced on different days. Better luck next time, Crucial?

Best Stable Timings
Adata XPG DDR3L AXDU1600GC4G9-2G8-9-8-2110-10-10-2411-12-11-27
Crucial Ballistix Tactical BLT2K4G3D1608ET3LX07-7-7-219-9-9-24
Geil Evo Leggera GEL38GB1333C9DC8-9-8-249-10-9-2411-12-11-27
G.Skill Sniper SR2 F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR28-8-8-21

Kingston HyperX KHX1600C9D3LK2/8GX8-8-8-219-10-9-2411-11-11-27
Super Talent W160UA4GML8-9-9-2410-11-10-2411-13-12-31

Crucial does take a big lead in low-latency support, in spite of the missing DDR3-2133 data. Secondary and tertiary timings that also affect performance were left to auto-configuration values and could still play a significant role in performance tests.

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