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P55A Fuzion BIOS, Overclocking, And Accessories

HydraLogix Vs. SLI And CrossFire: MSI's P55A Fuzion Tested
P55A Fuzion Basic O/C Settings
BIOS VersionV1.1 (09-09-2010)
CPU Core0.87-2.07 Volts (6.25 mV), 100-600 MHz BCLK (1 MHz)
CPU IMC0.45-2.02 Volts (5.3 mV), Auto Frequency by DRAM
Memory1.50-2.41 Volts (~7 mV), 3x-6x BCLK (1x)
Memory TimingtCL 4-15, tRCD 3-15, tRP 3-15, tRAS 9-31 Cycles (1c)
Chipset0.45-1.95 Volts PCH (~5 mV)

Overclockers don’t like to be limited by BIOS, so the P55A Fuzion includes frequency and voltage limits that exceed those of most hardware configurations by a wide margin.

Most of the P55A Fuzion’s frequency and voltage settings can be found by scrolling through its Cell Menu, including a few advanced controls such as DRAM reference voltage.

The Advanced DRAM Configuration menu allows per-channel settings, though most users will find the best results by having both channels set identically.

The retail-boxed P55A Fuzion contains twice as many cables as found in this press sample, but no SLI or CrossFire bridges. MSI believes that its users will always prefer HydraLogix multi-GPU control (which doesn't require bridges) over proprietary SLI and CrossFire, but we really don’t think MSI should be adding any restrictions to a board that otherwise supports all three technologies.

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