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Benchmark Results: 3DMark Vantage

HydraLogix Vs. SLI And CrossFire: MSI's P55A Fuzion Tested

By attempting to represent as many gaming variables as possible, 3DMark doesn’t actually represent the performance seen in actual games. We were still surprised to see Lucid’s Hydra 200 controller outperform both CrossFire and SLI when matched cards are used.

Workloads are harder to negotiate in HydraLogix X-Mode (mixed cards), so it’s no surprise to see this configuration fall behind. We’re sure that motherboard manufacturers like MSI will use the A-mode (AMD) and N-mode (Nvidia) wins in 3DMark to justify the exclusion of SLI and CrossFire bridges from their packages, but we still have to see how this all works in games.

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