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Power, Efficiency, And Battery Life

MALIBAL's Lotus P150HM: GeForce GTX 485M Gets Its Game On

Intel’s latest mobile CPU is designed with efficiency in mind, but that’s not necessarily going to put a notebook with class-leading GPU on top.

The above chart appears to show that Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 485M has lower idle power, in spite of its higher full-load consumption. Perhaps its improved performance will still allow the Lotus P150HM to have higher efficiency?

Lower idle power should also help in our battery life test, since Battery Eater Pro has fairly-light CPU and GPU loads.

Though road warriors would likely sacrifice any gaming capability in exchange for longer battery life, a gaming notebook that can last at least an hour and a half away from the wall gets this editor’s approval. Gamers will still need a wall outlet to enable the unit’s full performance, but at least they can use it for typical notebook tasks when AC power isn’t available.

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