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Benchmark Settings

NForce 780a Hybrid SLI Tested
3D Games
CrysisVersion: 1.1
Video Quality: High Details No Anti-Aliasing
Benchmark: Benchmark_CPU.bat
PreyVersion: 1.3
Video Quality: Default (No AA, 8x AF)
Benchmark: THG-Demo
Supreme CommanderVersion: 3.220
Video Quality: Low Fidelity Presets, No AA
Benchmark: Real 60 Game
Unreal Tournament 3Version: Retail
Texture Detail: 5
World Detail: 5
Field of View: 100
Benchmark: Botmatch (WAR-Torlan, 12 bots, 1 Minute)
Warhammer Mark of ChaosVersion: 1.6
Video Quality:Default (Highest Settings)
Demo: THG Timedemo (1 Minute)

Due to a limited amount of test time, we had to reduce the number of benchmark configurations by half. That we were even able to pull off such a feat is a credit to Gigabyte’s quick action, as a previously-committed graphics card provider failed to deliver. Though we won’t mention the other company’s name, it’s obvious which brand values your business the most...

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