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Benchmark Results: Streaming And 4K Reads/Writes

OCZ's HSDL: A New Storage Link For Super-Fast SSDs

Our streaming reads benchmark pattern actually shows the IBIS drive pushing more than OCZ's rated 740 MB/s. This result is on par with the ioDrive and ioXtreme Pro products we've tested.

Writes fall off a bit, as expected, but not nearly to the extent of Intel's X25-M--even in RAID 0. Again, these results are close to some of the fastest PCIe-based SSDs we've tested.

Although we've seen 4k read performance similar to OCZ's from product like the ioDrive, the 4k write performance is unprecedented. We already knew Intel's X25-M would fall off precipitously here, but this is the first time we've seen 100 000+ IOPS in this benchmark pattern.

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