Super Talent's 512GB RAIDDrive: RAID On An Add-In Card

Benchmark Results: Streaming And 4K Reads/Writes

Here is the effective throughput of the RAIDDrive. It maintains 720 MB/s, even when utilizing most of the drive’s capacity. The peak throughput of 892 MB/s is actually higher than what we’ve seen in ioDrives or ioXtreme drives by Fusion-io. You need two ioXtreme drives to beat this number. Once again, we want to point out that Fusion-io ships capacities of 80GB, 160GB, and 320GB, while Super Talent can easily provide 512GB or 1TB capacities, depending on what you’re willing to spend. In any case, a cost per gigabyte comparison definitely falls in Super Talent’s favor.

The RAIDDrive also shines when it comes to streaming writes; ioXtreme drives just can’t compete here. Roughly 500 MB/s sequential, streaming write performance simply rocks.

SSDs can write 4KB blocks at a time. However, they typically have to delete much larger blocks (read-erase-modify-write), which can cause severe performance impacts. This is where Fusion-io shines with all of its products and settings, so long as you choose a configuration that optimizes for write performance. If you don’t, Super Talent actually performs rather well. Intel’s X25-M G2, which drops significantly in this test, offers a good comparison.