Super Talent's 512GB RAIDDrive: RAID On An Add-In Card

Benchmark Results: I/O Performance

In Iometer's database benchmark, the RAIDDrive cannot beat most other solutions, especially the Fusion-io products. The latter were largely optimized for this type of operation, though.

However, the RAIDDrive competes very well with a regular ioXtreme drive, which only stores 80GB instead of 512GB at comparable prices.

The RAIDDrive does even better in the file server test, where is beats the regular ioXtreme drive and maintains higher I/O performance. The results here are even higher than on the ioXtreme’s improved and maximum write performance modes. The ioDrive, Fusion-io’s top of the line product, is still significantly faster—and more expensive.

The Web server test seems to be ideal for the MLC flash-powered RAIDDrive, as it competes well with most Fusion-io products. However, even a single Intel X25-M G2 drive does well in this benchmark.

Finally, there’s the workstation test. Fusion-io is largely unbeatable here, but the RAIDdrive outperforms the Intel X25-M G2.