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Benchmark Results: I/O Performance

The OCZ Vertex 2 Conspiracy: Lost Space, Lost Speed?

This is where processing could really come into play and affect our results. Notice that jumping all the way up from the 1.11 to 1.29 firmware revision has negligible effect on the 34 nm-based Vertex 2. However, the 25 nm drive gets, quite bluntly, hammered. For a product that is supposed to be the same, given its unchanged model number, that’s more than a little troubling to start things off.

OCZ saw the data, went to work on its firmware, and we’ll have to look forward to running it through its paces with optimized overhead.

The file server tests end similarly, with the 25 nm-based SSD losing 19% of its average IOPS.

We see the same thing in the Web server workload. A relatively similar speed loss in reading many small files is again consistent with overhead-imposed degradation attributable to heavier error checking.

The loss is more pronounced in the workstation workload, adding up to a 25% slide.

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