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Benchmark Results: Page Load Times

Web Browser Grand Prix 2: Running The Linux Circuit

Page load times were once again taken using a customized version of WebMonkey's Browser Load Time StopWatch JavaScript. It was modified to gauge the speed of pages loaded locally from the hard drive. We used the same saved Web site files from Web Browser Grand Prix 2.


Chrome comes in first here. Firefox places second, taking nearly twice as long as Chrome. And Opera nearly doubles that number, landing it in third place.

All three browsers finish this test more quickly in Windows 7 than in Ubuntu. Chrome holds the closest scores between operating systems, taking only twelve milliseconds longer in Linux than Windows 7.


Chrome again places first, with Firefox just twenty milliseconds behind. Opera takes third place by a slim eleven milliseconds behind Mozilla's browser. Both Chrome and Firefox load Facebook slower in Ubuntu, though Chrome's two OS scores are again very close. Opera populates third place in both OSes, but manages to finish a good twenty milliseconds ahead of its Windows score in Ubuntu.


Here again Chrome takes first place, with Opera in second and Firefox finishing last. Chrome's Ubuntu score is yet again slightly slower than its Windows 7 score, while Opera's Linux result comes in just ahead of its showing in Windows. Mozilla Firefox, on the other hand, is over 300 ms slower in Ubuntu 10.04.


For all intents and purposes, Google Chrome displays the same winning result in both operating systems when loading YouTube. Firefox comes in second place, with just twenty milliseconds extra in Ubuntu. Opera places last, taking 50 ms longer to load YouTube than it did in Windows 7.


In this final page load test, Chrome takes another top spot with a worse score in Ubuntu than in Windows. Opera places second, taking only 50 ms longer to load in Ubuntu. Though Firefox brings up the rear, its MSN score in Linux is a steep improvement over Windows. Mozilla's browser loads MSN over 600 ms faster in Ubuntu than in Microsoft's latest OS.

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