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Benchmark Results: A/V Encoding

Overclocking: Core i7 Vs. Phenom II

Both of these overclocked processors smoke through our iTunes benchmark in record time, while the i7 edges out AMD’s Phenom II by 11 seconds.

The same thing happens in LAME 3.98, only Intel’s margin is a bit larger in this case.

The DivX and Xvid jobs that we ran through TMPG all show the same story. It’s no secret that Intel’s Core i7 micro-architecture is aces with the multimedia software, and our 3.8 GHz i7 920 is able to consistently blow right past the Phenom II in these workloads.

Mainconcept’s conversion from MPEG 2 to H.264 illustrates for one last time how well Core i7 handles audio and video. Let’s move on to the productivity tests in our suite to see if the same results carry over outside of multimedia.

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