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Benchmark Results: Crysis

PCIe And CrossFire Scaling: Does Nvidia's NF200 Fix P55?

With three different configurations on each of the four motherboards, we decided to simplify today’s game charts by presenting the results based on resolution.

Even a single Radeon HD 5870 can play Crysis at very high details when the resolution is only 1680x1050 pixels. The NF200 bridge helps both P55-based motherboards tremendously when it comes to triple-GPU CrossFireX support, but only MSI’s Trinergy gets a boost in a two-card configuration.

Two Radeon HD 5870s are required to play Crysis smoothly at 1920x1200 and very high details, but even the P55 baseline is good enough to host these. Our previous NF200 observations still apply.

Stuttering and pausing make Crysis unplayable at 2560x1600 and the CrossFireX advantage is a mere distraction, regardless of the motherboard used. MSI's results continue to get amazingly close to the X58-based board in dual- and triple-GPU configurations.

Enabling anti-aliasing (AA) knocks all of the cards down a peg, and these 1680x1050 results resemble the 1920x1200 non-AA tests. Two cards are required for smooth game play on any of these platforms.

Performance drops slightly at 1920x1200, but the benchmark still required two cards, not three, to play smoothly. NF200 continues to provide a significant boost in triple-GPU performance on both P55 motherboards, but only MSI is similarly boosted in dual-GPU mode.

Crysis’ has always had a problem with multi-GPU arrays at 2560x1600 with AA enabled, so these particular results are meaningless.

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