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Benchmark Results: World In Conflict

PCIe And CrossFire Scaling: Does Nvidia's NF200 Fix P55?

World in Conflict appears essentially CPU-bound when CrossFire is employed at low resolutions, although CrossFire isn’t even needed to achieve smooth game play.

Triple-GPU CrossFireX finally trumps the dual-GPU version at 2560x1600, and we can also see how the NF200 assists the LGA 1156 platform in achieving performance near to what X58 facilitates.

Adding the maximum level of AA and anisotropic filtering (AF) is also a good way to differentiate the X58-based CrossFireX configuration from less-potent parts, although the NF200 assists the P55 significantly.

Our highest World in Conflict setting finally reveals a point where a single Radeon HD 5870 graphics card might prove unsatisfactory to many players. Two cards are definitely enough, although the big performance difference between the P55 native solution and its NF200-enhanced counterparts happens when three cards are installed.

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