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It’s Ready To Fight

System Builder Marathon, Sept. '09: $2,500 Performance PC

We know that high-end systems are never really a good “value,” but many performance fanatics simply can’t live with lower-cost machines. This is especially true in gaming, when a 30” display at native resolution will pull all but the heartiest systems to their knees. That is to say, while we expect this system to be thoroughly thrashed in Thursday’s value comparison, it’s ready to draw blood at every benchmark up to the disappointing price comparison.

But who really needs a system this good? Don’t top gamers usually opt for lower resolutions and less elaborate hardware anyway?

The best excuse for putting $2,500 into a personal computer is that you really enjoy the enhanced computing experience. If you can afford to live extravagantly, isn’t that excuse good enough?

But what if you really want a system like this and can’t afford to build your own? We’ve thought of that and arranged for this very system to be part of this month’s Newegg and Tom’s Hardware SBM Giveaway--good luck!

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