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Power Supply Roundup: Part II

As far as efficiency is concerned, the power supply from PC Power & Cooling is not able to produce the best results in our roundup. The maximum efficiency reached by the unit is at a 50 percent load, where it hits 86%. If the load is increased or decreased, the efficiency drops considerably, though; in the low load range (20%) it is just 83%, while under full load, the unit achieves 84%.

In standby, though, the efficiency of the power supply achieves top marks: under a standby load of 0.5 A, the unit draws 3.73 watts, which corresponds to a level of efficiency of 67%. Without load, the power consumption is less than one watt. Here, the unit draws 0.72 watts from the power source.

Fortunately, the Silencer is widely available in North America and is available online for just less than $100, making it a reasonable value.

PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W
The Silencer 610W is a power supply with a classical design. Its construction and large size means that it is more suited to use in servers.
  • Positive
  • Negative
    • Good standby efficiency
    • Classical fan design for servers and HTPCs
    • Humming fan

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