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Measurements: Seasonic X-460

Silent Running: Two Fanless Power Supplies And A Quiet One, Tested

Efficiency, According to the 80 PLUS Specification

Efficiency Across the Power Spectrum

Seasonic's X-460 is not the first model in the company's X-series that we've reviewed. As with the previously-tested models, everything we encountered we liked. The power supply exceeds all of the 80 PLUS Gold requirements. Even subjected to low loads, its efficiency is quite good (though it falls short of be quiet!'s Straight Power E9 CM 480 W).

The X-460’s ripple and noise results are among the best we have ever seen. In all other disciplines, this Seasonic unit performs as expected, just like a good power supply should.

Before discussing our thermal measurements, we want to describe how we take temperatures from a fanless supply. Because there is no active cooler, there is no exhaust air. Thus, we take our results close to, but not in contact with, the top of the power supply enclosure. With an ambient air temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature near the X-460 was 118 degrees Fahrenheit. That's a difference of 54 degrees.

A Peek at the PCB

We expected the interior of a fanless power supply to be crammed with heat sinks. But the Seasonic X-460’s interior is not overloaded with heat sinks at all. Yes, there are more than you'd find in an actively-cooled model, and the MOSFETs in particular are bolted to massive aluminum blocks. Overall, the interior looks organized and neat. The fact that there are almost no wires soldered into the PCB makes it appear even neater. And as we've come to expect from Seasonic, the soldering quality is very good.

Seasonic uses premium brand components from Japan. All electrolytic capacitors are sourced from Nippon Chemikon; most of them are polymer aluminum. The MOSFETs are premium Infineon models. No corners are cut in the electronic circuitry. The input filter circuitry is top-notch, and heat shrink tubes protect what would otherwise be bare cabling. Overall, the manufacturing quality is impeccable.

Fanless at its best. We can’t think of any other phrase that so succinctly and accurately summarizes our impression of the Seasonic X-460. The power supply sports excellent efficiency, performs reliably and accurately, and it is also perfectly silent. A peek inside shows its high manufacturing quality. Taking all of this into account, we think the street price of $130 is reasonable indeed.

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