Pricey Foundations: 9 Boards For The Pentium 4

QDI Platinix 4: Reserved Refinement

Board revision: 1.0 (S1.2)

BIOS: P6I850 B1.2SLCP (16 August 2001)
It ships with a connector for a game controller.

Look at the QDI Platinix 4 connectors.

The QDI Platinix 4 is a standard OEM board used in brand-name PCs. The front side bus is limited to 100 MHz, making it impossible to overclock. The clock multiplier ranges from 8.0 to 23.0, although the CPU itself limits this range. On the upside, the integrated LAN controller makes it unnecessary to purchase a network card. Our measurements placed the QDI's performance in the lower third on the benchmark scale.

The VID pins to adjust CPU core voltage are unused.

Bright spot: The QDI comes with a matched endplate.
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